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Origin :Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genres :Rock, Heavy metal
Formed In : 1998

Present Line-up

Sumon a.k.a. BassBaba - Vocals, Bass and Guitar (since 1998)
Ashfaquddin Ahmed Shishir - Lead guitar & Keyboards (since 2003)
Raef al hasan Rafa - Drums, Vocals, Lead guitar (since 2003)
Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal - Lead Guitar (since 2006)

Past Members

Shovon on guitar and vocals (1998–1999)
Tonmoy on guitar (1998–1999)
Rumi on drums (1998–2000)
Minhajuddin Ahmed Piklu on guitar (1999–2004)
Ponir on guitar(1999–2000)
Latifur Rahman Rassel on vocal and guitar (1999–2001)
Muntasir Mamun Shuvo on drums (2000–2007)

Guest Members

Iqbal Asif Jewel on guitar and keyboards (Miles)
Prem on keyboards
Apu on keyboards (Triloy)
Imtiaz on vocals (Kronic, Kral)
Faysal Ahmed on lead guitar (Metalmaze)

Band formation and history

In 1993 Sumon left Feelings ..... one of the most popular rock bands in Dhaka. He decided to work on a solo album. The plan was to do something totally different. He wanted the songs to sound as if they were done in a band environment. (A band-like solo album!). He started his first song with Faisal & Russell (kamana). Rumie also played the drums. In the following year sharing inputs of musicians and friends from more than eight most popular bands in town 'Sumon O' Aurthohin' was completed in Auvisruti Studio. The most interesting part of the album was the song with eight of the most dangerous heavy metal guitarists in town! There were twenty eight solos in that song, and the name of the song was 'Aurthohin'. The history was made!

 In 1997 Though work on the album was done long time ago, it was finally released in Eid of this year. People liked the album which also got positive review from the critics.

Sumon was planning to form a band. Titi & Sentu of 'Faith' came along to help him in 1998. With some other musicians Sumon started performing under the name "Sumon O' Aurthohin", same as the album. The band was born! In the very next year Titti & Sentu had to leave the band in October as they had to make time for their own band Faith. Rumie the jubilant drummer left his band 'The Trap' & joined. Sumon changed the name of the band to 'Aurthohin'. Zubair & Adnan left the band few months later. Until now, the band's sound was more unplugged. To bring more variety to the sound, Shovon came in as a guitarist & vocalist.

Meantime, After playing for a year in 'Maqsood O Dhaka', Piklu left the band & also joined Aurthohin in early this year. Aurthohin started the recording of their debut album in April. Shovon took a break from the band for educational purposes. Tonmoy also left the band. Ponir, who used to be the guitarist of 'The Gnomes' of Niloy Das, joined Aurthohin. Ponir left the band. Rassel, the vocalist/guitarist of 'Winning' joined the band. End of this year, Aurthohin's debut album 'Trimatrik' had been released. Album was a big hit! Sumon's name got enlisted in the Warwick's 'Famous Users' List'. He was the first asian musician who got into that list!

In 2001 Rumie & Rassel left the band. Shuvo.... the ex-drummer of Jolly Roger/ Phycho Death/Death Row joined the band end of this year. Aurthohin started the work of their 2nd album on the 17th of November & released it on the 10th of December 2001 under the label of G-Series. Apu, the keyboardist of 'Triloy', started playing with the band as a guest member. 2nd album 'Biborton' was released! One of the best selling band albums of the country!

In the year of 2002 Imtiaz of 'Kronic' joined the band as a guest vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist. Aurthohin has released their 3rd album "Notun Diner Michhile" from G-Series on the 29th November which includes a 28 minute long progressive metal song (the longest song of Bangladeshi band music history).

And in 2003 Imtiaz & Apu left the band. Aurthohin decided not to take any more guest members. Shishir of dNA joined the band as the new keyboardist & guitarist. Suddenly, the band faced the biggest problem ever! Sumon got sick. Doctor told him that he won't be able to sing like before. Sumon had to stop singing most of the metal songs. Aurthohin decided to take a new vocalist. Rafa (the drummer of Kral) joined the band as the vocalist & guitarist. Aurthohin's 4th album 'Dhrubok' got released.

In 2004 Due to Sumon’s illness the band stopped almost all the gigs. End of this year Piklu left the band. Sumon got the affiliation from MTD (Michael Tobias Design).

At the January of 2005 Sumon’s jaw got dislocated! Doctor told him to stop singing permanently! Chances of recovery were very low! Aurthohin stopped all activities. Sumon & others were planning to disband Aurthohin!!

Suddenly things started to change! Sumon was getting well! Doctor said it was a miracle! 

At the month of June in the same year Sumon started to sing again & offered Kamal (Ex-Guitarist of Warfaze) to play as a guest member. Kamal took the offer. A few months later Kamal joined as a permanent member! Aurthohin started to do the gigs again! 


Trimatrik (1999-2000)

The album featured a confusing line-up of musicians, since Sumon credited both musicians that had left the band and had joined after the album was recorded. According to the sleeve of the album, though, the line-up consisted of Sumon as vocalist and bassist, Piklu as lead guitarist, Russell on the rhythm guitars and other vocal duties and Rumi as the drummer.
Trimatrik also started a trend of songs that would see "sequels" in later albums, including the ballad "Odbhut Shei Chheleti" and the taunt anthem "Guti".

Album : Trimatrik
Track List

Adbhut Sei Cheleti 
     Amar Na Bola Kotha 
     Bedonar Chorabali 
      Bhabche See 
      Chole Gele 
 Dur Theke
     Megher Gaan 
Soshta Shopno 
 Tepantorer Math 

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Biborton (2001)

Continuing with the same line-up that was confirmed as the band, Biborton would grow to be Aurthohin's most critically acclaimed and widely accepted album yet. Featuring the sequels to popular numbers "Odbhut Shei Chheleti" and "Guti", it also featured complex guitar and bass solos by the duo that was Piklu and Sumon and mixed in a blend of hard rock numbers intertwined with soft, melodious songs. Popular songs from the album include "Odbhut Shei Chheleti-2", which featured Artcell vocalist Linkon as a guest artist, as well as "Guti-2". Other numbers frequently played and requested are "Amar Protichhobi", the other taunt song "Nirbodh" and the guitar-intensive rock single "Raater Train".It Is Perhaps Their Most Famous Album Till Date Although Some Tie It Along With Aushomapto-1

Album : Biborton
Track List

Amar Klanti 
     Amar Protichchhobi 
     Guti 2 
      Mrittur Shohor 
     Odbhut Shei Chheleti 2 
     Premer Gaan
     Probash Theke 
     Raater Train 

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Notun Diner Michile (2002)

Russell had left the band due to differences with frontman Sumon, paving the way for Kronic vocalist Imtiaz to fill in as guest vocalist for one of Aurthohin's most ambitious projects. Featuring the longest song in Bangladeshi rock history, "Shaat Din", it was released to huge expectations nationwide. The song, "Shaat Din", spanned 28 minutes and 31 seconds long, chronicling the last seven days of an inmate on death row. The album received mixed reviews, some praising the ambitiousness behind "Shaat Din" but feeling the other songs did not differentiate themselves from the pack.


 Album : Notun Diner Michile 

Track List

 Notun Diner Michilay 
     Hoy To Ba 
     Jante Ichcha Kore 
     Teen Deayal 
     Tomader Gaan 
      Bhranto Aami
     Sat Din 

Dhrubok (2003)

Imtiaz left the band, and the band collectively decided not to take any more guest members. Shishir of dNA joined the band as the new keyboardist and guitarist. The band then faced their biggest problem to date when vocalist Sumon got sick and doctors told him he would not be able to sing as he did before. Sumon had to stop singing most of the metal vocal arrangements, and the band decided to take a new vocalist. Rafa, the drummer of Severe Dementia joined the band as the vocalist and also a drummer. Aurthohin's fourth album, Dhrubok was released in 2003.Dhrubok went on to be one of the year's biggest hits and received overwhelming positive reviews and to some in the album which has been overshadowed by the crowd but it was their way to even up with all the criticism faced by Notun Diner Michile.

Album : Dhrubok
Track List

Ashte Sotto 
Bhabchhi Bose
Bijoyer Gaan
Chaite Paro 
E Gaan Amar
Ekti Gaan Dao 
Golpo Sheshe 
Guti From Hell 
Nil Pahar

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Aushomapto-1 (2008)

After a long break of five years the band releases its 5th album by the name Aushomapto-1. With this album the band completes THE GUTI songs series. It was a series of four heavy metal songs and the last song 'Guti (The Finale)' was a huge success. The song was liked by all of the metal song lovers.In this album there is also a sequel of another famous song from the album Dhrubok & the song's name is 'Chaite Paro'. The another hit song of this album was 'Chaite Paro-2'. Most people specially teenagers liked that song. Overall the album Aushomapto-1 was one of the hit albums of the year 2008 and the band won Best-Band Award in 2008. Aurthohin has released a new album called Aushomapto-2 very recently and everyone is loving it!

Album : Aushomapto-1
Track List
      Chaite Paro 2 
      Sesh Gaan 
     Jodi Kono Din
     Kadbo Bisshoye 
 Chera Shopno 
       Guti (The Finale) 
     Fitash Er Kanna 

Aushomapto-2 (2011)

Aurthohin released their 6th studio album on the 25th of November 2011. It contains 11 original tracks including sequels to previous songs 'Shurjo-2', 'Nikkrishto-2', Golper Shuru ('Audbhut Shei Chheleti prequel') and 'Anmonay-2'. Due to illness Kamal couldn't participate in the whole album. He played in 3 songs. Most of the guitar solos are done by Shishir while Rafa also contributed guitar solos in 3 songs. "Uru Uru Mon' , "Anmone-2", " Nikkrishto-2", "Surjo-2" and "Cancer" has been instant hit. All songs except "Uru Uru Mon" are written by Sumon and all tracks composed and produced by Aurthohin. While some criticism over 'Nikkristo-2 'for its abusive lyrics, Rafa has been highly acclaimed for his vocal work this time around and the album itself regarded as one of the best albums of 2011.

Album : Aushomapto-2
Track List

 Uru Uru Mon 
  Alo R Adhar 
  Anmone 2 
Jak Na 
  Golper Shuru (Odbhut Shei Cheleti) 
   Majhe Majhe 
   Akasher Tara 
  Nikkristo 2 
   Bonus Track (Banglalink Tune) 

Download Aushomapto-2 Full Album

Album: Cancer er Nishikabbo (ক্যান্সারের নিশিকাব্য)
Band: Aurthohin (অর্থহীন)
Release Date: 2016

Before releasing this album Rafa left the band and formed his own band named as AvoidRafa also releases their forst album Bhaar before the release of Cancer er Nishikabyo by Aurthohin. Rafa is replaced by Mark Don on drums. Bakhtiar Hossain from Bay of Bengal played flute in this album. Sheikh Ishtiaque as a guest member give his vocal on Advut Shob Chelegulor Gaan. 

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